Cem Bozşahin
Cognitive Science Department
Informatics Institute, METU

This is my github web home. It is a lighter and more up-to-date version with less links compared to my METU home page. I have decided to leave my older home pages to forces of e-nature.
e-mail: what.bozsahin.that@for.metu.edu.tr
(strip the function words to get the real address; sorry for extra caution against semi-intelligent spam)
(i'm almost non-existent in anti-social media. Please disregard everything that purports to come from anti-social-me.)
interest area: complex organized behavior (language, action, mind, computers)

my stage-level predicates:

RIP: Nicholas Viktor Findler 1930-2013. My phd advisor, from ASU.
        Leonard (Aryeh) Faltz 1940-2020. (teacher, mentor)
        Esen Özkarahan 1940-1999 (teacher, mentor)

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